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All of your donations can include an opportunity to communicate directly with either the person you choose to help or someone else in the community. Not all of our remote clients are willing to be involved with communicating. However, our partners "on the ground" can work with AccessPromise Director to determine the best match for your support interests.

Opportunities include:

  1. Tuition at college, a specialized school or for a specific certificate program
  2. Subsistence or support for daily life (a goat, mobility device, glasses, cell phone for texting communication, etc)
  3. Specialized technology support such as a screen reader for the blind, computers, voice input or eye gaze systems)
  4. Medical appointment and related services (along with travel support)

Our lower-cost process takes two steps.

Thank you for your patience and persistence.

  1. First fill out the form below to indicate your choices
  2. choose the PayPal button to submit your donation.

If you require other donation options, please call us at 406-370-4796 (8-5 Eastern time).

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Thank you for your generosity.