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Nick would be willing to communicate with you via texts and chats. Please send me to Janet's email address - if you would like more information.

I met Nick in Uganda through his volunteer work with Elgon Child Watch Initiative. He is very shy but also very determined. He has continued at school through the generosity of donors in Uganda and the United States. However, he currently needs replacement support for his US donor. His expenses (for the next 3 terms) are $1,400,000 Ugandan schillings or approximately $400.00 a term with 2 terms per year. This is $66.67 dollers a month but we are also looking for anyone who may even wish to contribute the price of 2 lattes or 2 McDonalds meals a month - $10.

Nick has been attending Ugandan CHristian University. He is taking theology and preaching classes along with education. Nick is excited to soon be in the classroom as student and teacher. He writes "Yes,once I go for my first school practice next month,I will be studying as I teach my students." I responded that it was great to reach the time when he was a student teacher and he responded: "Yes, but the learners will call me their teacher not student teacher , am so happy to be a teacher."

"I want to be that kind of a teacher every school would wish to retain,every class would wish to have,and I wish to be a teacher with great wisdom."

The list of charges for school are shown below but the bottomline is a need for $400.00 ($395.56 in current equivalency but slightly padded due to fluctuations in the exchange rate) for 3 more terms. The amount is needed January 2022, August 2022 and December 2022 (for the next spring). As mentioned above, any partial contributions are also welcomed and helpful.