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We believe all of us living on the Planet Earth are linked in this journey and are responsible for each other. And, in a time when the focus is often on what divides us, whether it be ideology or boundaries, we want to model the concept of reaching across and uniting ourselves with our global family: building bridges through bonding. As a small organization, we focus on building relationships and providing support so that individuals with disabilities can release their power and prowess - their promise.

Some may wonder - "Why does AccessPromise focus set as their goal - support of orphans and individuals with disabilities in other countries? Why not a focus on these 2 groups within the United States?" Our answer is below.

Our reasoning

  1. We advocate for all of us being involved in direct support with organizations and individuals within our local community.
  2. Secondly, much more support is built in to life in the US for individuals with disabilities and kids who are unable to live at home and are in foster care.
  3. Third, while being involved locally we are aware of the fact that there are more vulnerable parts of the world.
  4. Within these most vulnerable regions are orphans, social orphans and individuals with disabilities. They are most likely to live in poverty. They are the most vulnerable people on this planet.
  5. We are all on a continuum - that of our individual ability to function independently within our society and environment. This continuum has often been labeled able-bodied versus disabled. We assert that the continumm should be named instead "varying levels of access to resources and acceptance".
  6. Finally, and regrettably, because these regions are struggling and vulnerable, there is a greater imbalance between the value of our currency. Since this differential exists, we wish to use it to some advantage.

Our effectiveness

We are a young organization so are not rated with Charity Ratings or GuideStar. (We are working on that.) However, AccessPromise aims apply 95% of our funding directly to our remote clients needs.

We do that through:

  • Asking all AccessPromise US individuals to be volunteers - with the exception of our Board accountant who received a small stipend for bookkeeping and accounting work
  • Affiliating with TesselLearn - the accessible learning company which provides office supplies, minor expenses and staff time
  • Working with overseas partners who frequently volunteer their time or are supported by another entity.
  • Our overseas visits are funded by the individuals themselves, TesselLearn or special funding raising events
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