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Sam's Comments - January 2022

Additional videos recorded in Fall 2021 are available below. Click here or scroll down.

Sam and AccessPromise have worked for around 1-1/2 years to set up a base level of independence and self-determiniation for Sam and his family. He has been given a computer and cell phone. As he’s learned how to use screen reading software for both devices and voice recognition on the phone, his independence has increased. Now that he has learned the basics, he is ready to go back and finish his schooling. He wishes to become a teacher of the blind. He has some catching up to do and expenses will be more because he will go to a specialized school for the blind. It will take 6 years for him to finish this plan. His family will start a small store (now that the COVID shutdown is over) with his wife running it and providing baked goods. He has also invested in pigs and soon a cow. Goats are more common in Uganda so he believes that pigs will bring more money. The cow will be selected, with advise from some trustworthy and experienced Ugandan farmers, for her milk producing abilities.

In order to continue support for Sam and his family while Sam goes to the school for the blind, the following are needed. As the animals grow and reproduce and as the store makes a profit, Sam will reduce the amount he and they require.

Basic support:

  • Data per month - $28.50
  • Personal assistance per month - $22.75
  • Food per month - $40
  • Personal requirements - $22.75
  • Rent per month - $25.00

School expenses:

  • Books - $14.25 per term - 3 terms a year
  • Uniform - $17.00
  • Room & board - $ 114.00 per term - 3 terms a year
  • Tuition - $170.25 per term - 3 terms a year

Financial support for Sam can be provided by:

  • giving one time contribution
  • agreeing to send a monthly amount for part of schooling or a specific support item like food or rent.
  • provide for the purchase of a Boda Boda - motorcycle - for $285-300. (Boda bodas are everywhere in Uganda and are a main means of transportation. Sam has the idea of purchasing a Boda Boda and then hiring someone to run it for him. That indiividual will pay Sam for the use of the Boda boda along with keeping some of the profits for themselves and for gas. This is a smart money making proposition that isn't available to many because a boda boda costs $1,000,000 Ugandan schillings or around $285-300 US.)

Pictures of Sam & his family

Sam's Comments - Fall 2021

Sam's Comments (continued) Fall 2021